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Designing - Editing
Reliable Translations into all Languages
Translation - Subtitling - Editing - Red Tape Facilitating
Our agency will provide you with the ideal solution to any problem you may have regarding various languages, quality of translation guaranteed.
Our experienced team of translators guarantees reliability and fast turnover.
About Us
Established in the 1990s by linguists with ten years’ experience or more, the Xenophon Link has many impressive achievements under its belt.
The Xenophon Link offers a wide variety of linguistic services.
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Career & Collaboration
General Translation
Literary Translation
Website Translation
Marketing Translation
Translation of Manuals
Quality Translations
Reasonable Prices
Fast Turnover
Postal Dispatch
Files Kept on Record for 2 Years
Delivery via Internet
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We are looking for translators with excellent knowledge and professional experience in any language.
Our agency is expanding rapidly in Greece as well as in other counties abroad. We seek collaboration with other translation agencies.